The best thing someone can do after dental school is to continue to invest in themselves.

Choosing the Right Path After Dental School

New dental school graduates have several options when starting their career.
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Heartland Dental, a dental support organization, provides the tools needed for quality dental patient care.


Heartland Dental's supported teams are #ALLIN to help each other achieve goals.
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Eagle Award Recipient 2015

For 2015, Dr. Mark Kucharczyk received the Eagle Award for outstanding service.
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Dr. Rick Workman describes the power  and importance of leveraging social media.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is a great way for businesses to showcase their unique brand.
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Feedback in the workplace is an important part of employee communication.

Feedback in the Workplace

Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of employee communication.
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Dentist education and mentorship allows you to enhance your abilities.

The Pursuit of Education and Mentorship

Leadership education and mentoring will enhance your abilities.
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Dental support organizations like Heartland Dental have many myths surrounding them.

DSO Myths and Facts

Redefining the stigma behind dental support organizations.
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Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life

Tips and ideas to balance your personal and professional life.
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With the surge in cases of oral cancer, it is important to spread oral cancer awareness.

Raise Oral Cancer Awareness

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month, but are your patients informed?
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Read Dr. Workman’s patient care tips to learn more about how to improve doctor-patient relationships.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Relationships

Make a genuine effort to build a relationship with your patients.
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