The Power of One

The Power of One and Unleashing Your True Potential by Dr. Rick Workman
Finding the potential within yourself is the first step to accomplishing a goal.

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work.” That statement holds a lot of truth. You need a great team that works well together in order to accomplish your goals and reach new heights. But what makes that team so great is the individuals who comprise it. You can’t have a high-achieving team without individual team members who are willing to go above and beyond. That’s why it is so important to build yourself first, and then the success will follow.

The First Step

Finding the potential within yourself is the first step to contributing to a successful team and accomplishing a goal of any scale. To help individuals build themselves and realize their true potential, Heartland Dental offers a unique leadership course called the Power of One. This six-month course was designed to help team members understand the importance of building yourself first. In many cases, it truly does start with just one person who has an idea and the gumption to make a change. That spark is spread to others, who over time start working together to accomplish something great.

What This Course Entails

Throughout the Power of One course, team members are exposed to new concepts each month. Areas of focus include the power of choice, the power of teams, and the power of listening. These concept areas are essential to helping individuals realize how their actions can have an effect on their ability to truly make a difference.

In order to reach the point to where a true difference can be made, Power of One team members must also identify and work through their own personal barriers to success.   By determining what some of those pain points are and by connecting with others, individuals can identify ways to improve upon those areas. From there, action plans are created to help carry out goals so that team members can actually see those changes come to fruition.

The Power of One course is perfect for teams who are lacking growth, yet are ready to grow individually for the greater good of the team. In a lot of cases, dental offices may experience these stagnant periods of time.

How You Can Benefit from the Power of One

Your “Power of One” truly has the potential to make incredibly positive changes in your personal life, your work life, your community and even the world.  It all starts with building yourself first and recognizing what barriers you currently have that are keeping you from achieving your biggest goals.

Once you know what is standing in your way and identify ways to overcome those things, you truly do have the capability to accomplish anything. Surround yourself with people who will support your goals too, and this will only elevate your ability to take on a challenge. You have the ability to make a change, and once you realize your true potential, your Power of One can make even the wildest ideas become a reality.

Rick Workman, DMD

Founder, Former CEO and Active Chairman, Heartland Dental

Rick Workman, DMD, graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 1980. After starting his own practice, he set out to create a world-class dental support organization that would relieve the management burden for dentists by offering them an array of non-clinical administrative support. Today, Heartland Dental is the largest dental support organization in the country. In addition to being the founder of Heartland Dental, he is also the past president of the Association of Dental Support Organizations. To read more about Dr. Rick Workman, click here