Management Tips

Motivating Your Workforce

Without a strong and dedicated workforce, companies wouldn't get anything done get anything done. This is why it’s so critical to be able to motivate your workforce, no matter if you’re working in a dental office or any other kind of business. While there will always be those types of employees who are more motivated than others, there are still ways to boost motivation in any employee. Here are some of the tips I’ve found to be most effective when it comes to motivating your workforce.
Be Positive

How to Confront an Issue in the Workplace

It’s never the most desirable outcome, but unfortunately, it will inevitably happen in every company. While you’re in the midst of setting goals in the workplace, some of your employees may not see eye-to-eye on these goals. With two strong, differing opinions, this can sometimes lead to a conflict that can sap the company’s productivity and morale. Business leaders agree that there are guidelines you should follow to best manage an issue or a conflict in the workforce.
Allow the Parties Involved to Cool Down

Becoming a Successful Entreprenuer

Finding success as an entrepreneur is no small feat, especially in today’s day and age where go-getters, trailblazers and startup companies are increasingly becoming “the norm.” Beyond the technical skills you might need, it takes hard work, grit and innovation to succeed as an entrepreneur. When I started what is now Heartland Dental, I didn’t intentionally set out to become an entrepreneur. Quite simply, I saw a need for myself and other dentists, and I knew I had a solution that could help.

Developing Leaders in the Workplace

You always want your employees to continue developing, especially in their leadership qualities. You’ll never know when a task will come about where they’re needed to take charge and be a leader. This is why you should make an effort to turn your employees into leaders. Here are some of the things that I, Rick Workman, do in the workplace in order to develop leaders.
Act as a Mentor


Social Events in the Workplace

One of the more unheralded tips for work success is actually by holding social events in the workplace. You may feel that social events in the workplace will cut into worktime, ultimately making your company less productive. However, this isn’t true at all – it can actually boost productivity. While there’s always the lure of holding these events outside of work, the truth is that most of your employees have lives of their own and they’d likely rather be spending time with friends and family or focusing on their personal interests.

Making Employees Feel Appreciated

In the early days of the working world, almost every organization promoted fierce, sometimes cutthroat competition. Capitalism works through competition, the thinking goes, so if we promote competition in the workplace, we'll get better work. This led countless organizations to foster a working environment that looked more like a battleground than a successful business. 

Preparing to Give a Performance Review

While some performance reviews are a piece of cake, others can be a truly stressful experience – and as the reviewer, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for what might be a difficult review. In my career as a dentist and former CEO of Heartland Dental, I've given plenty of performance reviews in my day, both easy and difficult. I've found that preparation is key to a productive performance review, and there are some simple tips you can incorporate to help make your next review a growth experience for everyone.

Tips to Manage Time at Work

In the modern working world, the one thing there never seems to be enough of is time. While technology has massively improved the productivity of the modern worker, the constant interruptions from emails, text messages, phone calls, and every other notification have created an environment where most of us feel like we're constantly scrambling to get everything done and never have enough time to do it. As a business leader, time management is one of the most important skills you can develop.

Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

As a business owner, manager, or HR professional, hiring is one of the most important elements of your business. Hiring is the first step in building an incredible team, and a good hire can inject energy, innovation and enthusiasm to your organization, helping to propel your business to new heights. A bad hiring decision, however, can severely hamper your growth, and you may feel the effects for years to come.

Identifying Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are people who are recognized as an authority in their fields of expertise. When you want to learn something on the subject in question, these are the people you go to talk to – these are the ones whose opinions are much more valued than others. You can understand the value that thought leaders provide, but now the next step is…how do you actually identify which people are thought leaders? Here are the first things I look for when trying to identify if they’re a thought leader.
Are They Passionate?