Dentist Education

Identifying Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are people who are recognized as an authority in their fields of expertise. When you want to learn something on the subject in question, these are the people you go to talk to – these are the ones whose opinions are much more valued than others. You can understand the value that thought leaders provide, but now the next step is…how do you actually identify which people are thought leaders? Here are the first things I look for when trying to identify if they’re a thought leader.
Are They Passionate?

Paying Off Dental School Debt

Nowadays, the average dental school graduate will face over $261,000 worth of debt. If you’re like I was, you may have put those troubles to the back of your mind for the duration of your dental school education, but when you begin to approach life after dental school, that’s when you will really start to think about the debt you’ve accrued. As someone who has gone through this, I want you to take a deep breath and follow these tips if you find yourself struggling with dental school debt problems.

Making the Most of Technology in a Dental Practice

Look around you and see how many people have their noses buried in their cellphones. Maybe you’re even reading this on your cellphone now! We’re deep in the age of technology. People enjoy the convenience that digital technology provides to them. With a cellphone, tablet, etc., patients are exposed to a handful of items – reviews about your dental office, reminder of appointment time via email, information about treatment from Google – the list goes on and on.

The Importance of Continuing Education

One of my favorite quotes reads, “The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.” In every industry there are different paths you can take to establish you career. Though you will never be an expert in all fields in your company, you do have the ability to become highly knowledgeable in your personal area of interest. That’s why it’s important to seek new information and gain knowledge and skillsets to benefit you as you grow in your profession.

DSO Myths and Facts

People talk, and when it comes to the topic of dental support organizations, people talk a lot. I’ve heard many misconceptions about what dental support organizations do and how we do it. I can see how the misunderstandings people have about DSOs could be of concern. However, that’s just it – they’re misunderstandings.

Myth 1: DSOs aren’t run by dentist. 

Raise Oral Cancer Awareness

As dental professionals, most of you probably know that this month is Oral Cancer Awareness month. However, do most of your patients know? It’s unfortunate that many people are unaware of just how dangerous oral cancer is. Over the last few years, oral cancer has been growing rapidly. Previously, oral cancer was associated with an older demographic and most commonly linked to alcohol and tobacco use. While these entities are still true, there has been an enormous increase of oral cancer rates in the younger demographic.

A Masterful Approach

Supporting dentist advancement has always been a key element of the Heartland Dental’s culture. For 2016 and beyond, we are supporting an initiative designed to help supported dentists truly achieve personal and professional expertise. This initiative is known as the Doctor Mastery Program.