Dental Care Tips

Making the Most of Technology in a Dental Practice

Look around you and see how many people have their noses buried in their cellphones. Maybe you’re even reading this on your cellphone now! We’re deep in the age of technology. People enjoy the convenience that digital technology provides to them. With a cellphone, tablet, etc., patients are exposed to a handful of items – reviews about your dental office, reminder of appointment time via email, information about treatment from Google – the list goes on and on.

The Power of the Morning Huddle

Have you ever walked into work on a Monday morning after a weekend and felt completely unorganized and unprepared for the week ahead? It’s easy to lose your sense of preparation for the work week after being away for just a day or two. Even coming into work mid-week after having been home the evening before can be a challenge. So many things compete for our attention each day that it can be difficult to stay focused at work. That’s why a morning huddle can be so beneficial to starting the work week on the right track.   

Raise Oral Cancer Awareness

As dental professionals, most of you probably know that this month is Oral Cancer Awareness month. However, do most of your patients know? It’s unfortunate that many people are unaware of just how dangerous oral cancer is. Over the last few years, oral cancer has been growing rapidly. Previously, oral cancer was associated with an older demographic and most commonly linked to alcohol and tobacco use. While these entities are still true, there has been an enormous increase of oral cancer rates in the younger demographic.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Relationships

Welcoming patients into your office is a vital part of keeping your business growing and thriving. When it comes to dental practice management, expanding your customer base is very important! Businesses often attract new patients by advertising special offers or “new patient” discounts. However, what about the customers you already have? We often forget that retaining their business and building relationships with them is just as important. They sometimes get overshadowed by the excitement of new patients.

The Leading Edge

I’m often asked where I came up with the idea for Heartland Dental. More or less, I was experiencing an issue that I knew many other dentists were also confronting. After spending 50 hours a week at the dental chair and an additional 25-30 hours on the business side of things, I was struggling to find a work-life balance and at this point work was tipping the scale. My solution would eventually become Heartland Dental, the largest dental support organization (DSO) in the nation. 

Sleep Apnea & Interceptive Orthodontics

Treatment of sleep apnea and sleep disorders in general has been an important topic in the dental industry the past few years, with good reason. Since dentists are one of the most visited health care providers by patients, they are often the first ones to discover the signs of the condition. Once the disorder is diagnosed by a physician, the issue may be treated and controlled by dentists using oral appliances to help adjust the position of the jaw and tongue so that airways remain open.