Management Tips

Making Employees Feel Appreciated

In the early days of the working world, almost every organization promoted fierce, sometimes cutthroat competition. Capitalism works through competition, the thinking goes, so if we promote competition in the workplace, we'll get better work. This led countless organizations to foster a working environment that looked more like a battleground than a successful business. 

Preparing to Give a Performance Review

While some performance reviews are a piece of cake, others can be a truly stressful experience – and as the reviewer, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for what might be a difficult review. In my career as a dentist and former CEO of Heartland Dental, I've given plenty of performance reviews in my day, both easy and difficult. I've found that preparation is key to a productive performance review, and there are some simple tips you can incorporate to help make your next review a growth experience for everyone.

Tips to Manage Time at Work

In the modern working world, the one thing there never seems to be enough of is time. While technology has massively improved the productivity of the modern worker, the constant interruptions from emails, text messages, phone calls, and every other notification have created an environment where most of us feel like we're constantly scrambling to get everything done and never have enough time to do it. As a business leader, time management is one of the most important skills you can develop.

Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

As a business owner, manager, or HR professional, hiring is one of the most important elements of your business. Hiring is the first step in building an incredible team, and a good hire can inject energy, innovation and enthusiasm to your organization, helping to propel your business to new heights. A bad hiring decision, however, can severely hamper your growth, and you may feel the effects for years to come.

Identifying Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are people who are recognized as an authority in their fields of expertise. When you want to learn something on the subject in question, these are the people you go to talk to – these are the ones whose opinions are much more valued than others. You can understand the value that thought leaders provide, but now the next step is…how do you actually identify which people are thought leaders? Here are the first things I look for when trying to identify if they’re a thought leader.
Are They Passionate?

The Importance of Planning

One of the most vital things when it comes to how to manage your life or your business is planning ahead. If you want to achieve the highest goals possible and attain personal fulfillment, you should generally always start by crafting a good plan. Planning is an excellent idea for a near limitless amount of reasons, but here are three of the ones I feel that are most important.

Delivering True Value to Customers

Value is quite a subjective aspect in business, but it is also one of the most important aspects in business.  While a business’ perceived value is judged in a different light for nearly every person, in its core, value is purely what your customers or clients think of you. By offering a successful and well-liked product or service at a fair cost, you’ll give your customer a great value. Here are some of the ways you can improve your value in your customers’ eyes.
Focus on Your Customer

The Value of Being Resonant in the Workplace

The best leaders in the workplace are always resonant leaders. Resonant leaders are those who are in-tune to the feelings and emotions of their employees. These leaders are capable of cultivating a positive atmosphere and coaxing the most out of their employees by developing trust and honesty with them. During my time in the workplace, I’ve tried – like virtually every leader – to achieve resonance and I’m glad to share a few of the more successful ways I’ve found of doing so.

Delegating Effectively

Throughout my career at Heartland Dental and in the dental field at large, I've come across a lot of effective leaders. I've met incredible, inspirational leaders who seem to be able to accomplish an almost inhuman amount, all while maintaining work-life balance and keeping a healthy mindset. Often, aspiring leaders ask me what qualities and skills leaders have so they can develop them in their own career.

Paying Off Dental School Debt

Nowadays, the average dental school graduate will face over $261,000 worth of debt. If you’re like I was, you may have put those troubles to the back of your mind for the duration of your dental school education, but when you begin to approach life after dental school, that’s when you will really start to think about the debt you’ve accrued. As someone who has gone through this, I want you to take a deep breath and follow these tips if you find yourself struggling with dental school debt problems.